Williams, Porter, Day & Neville, P.C. (“WPDN”) evolved from Hagens and Murane, a firm which was established at the turn of the century and joined by William J. Wehrli in the 1920s. When C.D. Murane became the Wyoming State District Court Judge in Casper, Wyoming, the firm became Hagans and Wehrli. Upon the death of G.R. Hagens, Mr. Wehrli practiced many years as W.J. Wehrli and Associates. In 1950, Houston G. Williams joined W.J. Wehrli and, in 1966, became a partner in the firm of Wehrli and Williams. W.J. Wehrli retired in 1978, and in 1979, the firm was renamed to Williams, Porter, Day & Neville with Houston G. Williams, George M. Porter, Richard E. Day, and Frank D. Neville as partners. Since that time, WPDN has evolved into a professional corporation with shareholders, associates, legal assistants, and staff.



Williams, Porter, Day & Neville, P.C.’s (“WPDN”) attorneys and staff have expertise and experience to represent their clients nationally, and take pride in taking this expertise and experience in applying it to our clients Rocky Mountain Region and Wyoming needs whether those needs be consultation, advisement, or vigorous representation in court or before administrative/governmental bodies. Accordingly, WPDN and its attorneys have sought to affiliate itself with the leading legal organizations in the United States to further aid WPDN’s clients with their Rocky Mountain Region and Wyoming needs.


USLaw is a network with over 6,000 attorneys from 110 defense – based law firms spanning the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. USLaw and its network of firms seek to provide the highest quality legal representation and seamless cross – jurisdictional service to major corporations, insurance carriers, and both large and small businesses alike, through a network of professional, innovative law firms dedicated to their clients’ legal success. WPDN’s association and membership with USLaw provides its clients with quick easy and reliable contacts with other highly qualified law firms in other jurisdictions to further aid their needs. Further, WPDN’s Association and membership with USLaw provides its attorneys with a wide array of resources to assist WPDN’s representation of and advocacy for its clients.

clm-logo-revised-vertClaims and Litigation Management (CLM)

CLM is an inclusive, collaborative organization that promotes and furthers the highest standards of claims and litigation management and brings together the thought leaders in both industries. By associating with them participating in CLM, WPDN’s attorneys have access to a wide array of resources to assist WPDN’s representation of an adequate advocacy for its clients.


maxresdefaultDRI: The Voice of the Defense Bar

DRI is an organization of defense attorneys and in-house counsel from across the country. By associating with and participating in DRI, WPDN’s attorneys have access to a wide array of resources to assist WPDN’s representation of and advocacy for its clients.


fdcc-logoFederation of Defense and Corporate Counsel (FDCC)

The Federation of Defense & Corporate Counsel (FDCC), composed of recognized leaders in the legal community who have achieved professional distinction, is dedicated to promoting knowledge, fellowship, and professionalism of its members as they pursue the course of a balanced justice system and represent those in need of a defense in civil lawsuits.