WPDN has been involved in hundreds of published opinions from both the Wyoming Supreme Court and the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in its over 70 year history. Many of these cases are those embodying seminal points of law for Wyoming. These cases range from personal injury, oil & gas, comparative fault, insurance bad faith and coverage, contract law, medical and other professional malpractice, governmental liability, employment issues, commercial law, and a litany of other areas. The cases below represent some of the more recent results obtained by WPDN:


Lompe v. Sunridge Partners, LLC, 818 F.3d 1041 (10th 2016):

In this landmark punitive damages decision for the carbon monoxide poisoning of the Plaintiff, Patrick Murphy was hired to handle the post-verdict motions and appeal of a $25.5 million dollar punitive damage award, a record in Wyoming state or federal court. On appeal to the Tenth Circuit, the Court held, 2 to 1, that the due process clause of the United States Constitution limits the recovery of punitive damages to a 1:1 ratio to the compensatory award against that defendant where the compensatory damages for the bodily injury or wrongful death are “substantial.” In Lompe, the Tenth Circuit found that a $1 million compensatory award is “substantial,” and the Court left open for future cases the lower limit of a “substantial” compensatory award. The Tenth Circuit vacated the entire $ 3 million punitive damage award against the property owner defendant (for lack of evidence demonstrating willful and wanton misconduct against that defendant), and reduced the $22.5 million punitive damages award against the property management defendant to $1.95 million (the same amount as the compensatory award against that defendant). The significance of this decision cannot be overstated as the basis for the Court’s decision involved the interpretation and application of the United States Constitution: its binding effect in all Tenth Circuit states for all bodily injury and wrongful death cases requesting punitive damages is clear. The dissenting jurist in Lompe found that the Constitution supports a 4:1 ratio of punitive damages to compensatory damages. Plaintiff’s counsel argued that certain cases such as this case support a punitive damages ratio exceeding 9:1.
Articles discussing the opinion can be found here:

Equal Opportunity Employment Commission v. True Oil, et al, 15-CV-74 (D. Wyo. July 2016):

Scott Ortiz, Craig Silva, and Kyle Ridgeway obtained summary judgment and an order dismissing the case in its entirety in favor of the defendants in this case prosecuted by the EEOC for alleged Equal Pay Act violations.

Tilman Carty and Angela Carty v. Roger Scheepstra, DBA Scheepstra Trucking Wyoming, Case No. 15-cv-65 (D. Wyo. May, 2016):

Scott Ortiz and Ryan Ford after a 5 day jury trial obtained a defense verdict in this personal injury and disability case related to trucking accident.

Electrical Technical Service and Repair, Inc. v. Mining Electrical Services, LLC, Civil No. 34445, District Court, Sixth Judicial District, Campbell County, Wyoming (December 2015):

Steve Emery and Kyle Ridgeway, after a 5 day jury trial, obtained a jury verdict and judgment in favor of their client in the amount of $531,350 in this case concerning the breach of a verbal joint venture agreement between the Plaintiff and the Defendant.

Jackson Lee v. Riverton Memorial Hospital, LLC, et al., Civil Action No. 38526, District Court, Sixth Ninth District, Fremont County, Wyoming (August 2015):

Scott Ortiz, Patrick Murphy, and David Shields, after a 2 week jury trial, obtained a defense verdict in this complex medical malpractice action against various medical providers and hospitals.

Irene v. Lederman Bonding Company, et al., Civil Action No. 094139, District Court, Seventh Judicial District, Natrona County, Wyoming (August 2015):

Scott Klosterman and Craig Silva, after a 2 week jury trial obtained a defense verdict in this case wherein the Plaintiff sued a bail bond company for negligence when the individual whom it provided bond for later drove drunk and hit plaintiff with his truck, dragging him for blocks underneath the vehicle.

Forbes v. Forbes, 2015 WY 13 (Wyoming Supreme Court, January 2015).

Patrick Murphy and Keith Dodson obtained a ruling from the Wyoming Supreme Court reversing an adverse trial court decision removing Trustees. The Wyoming Supreme Court held that the trial court improperly removed the Trustees and reinstated him a victory for Messrs. Murphy and Dodson’s clients.

Hilltop Properties, LLC, et al v. Genesee Legacy, LLC, et al., Case No. C-12-166-R, District Court, Sixth Judicial District, Sweetwater County, Wyoming (August 2014):

Ryan Ford obtained a $617,000 verdict after a bench trial in favor of the Plaintiff in a breach of contract dispute concerning construction of a building.